Should you wear your contacts to the eye doctor?

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Should you bring contacts to your eye exam?

Will Wearing Contacts Affect Your Vision Test?

If you’re someone who wears contacts, you’re likely accustomed to putting them in every morning and taking them out every night. But if you’re about to leave the house for your eye exam, you might be wondering: should you wear your contacts to the eye doctor?

Which Doctor Should You See for Contacts?

If you don’t have contacts but are interested in a contact lens fitting, contact an optometrist to schedule an eye exam and contact lens fitting. An optometrist will evaluate the size and shape of your eye to find a lens that’s comfortable to wear, matches your prescription, and promotes ongoing eye health. Your optometrist will also check for any specific eye health problems that would interact poorly with your contacts.

After that, you’ll be asked to try on several brands of contacts to find the right fit for you, and you’ll be able to schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure those contacts still fit comfortably and are being worn properly. Because these appointments are sometimes scheduled separately from your annual eye exam, it’s important to know when you should wear your contacts to your appointment.

When to Wear Eye Contacts to the Eye Doctor

If you’re sitting for a routine eye exam, it’s best to not wear your contacts. Your eye doctor needs to be able to see how your eyes function by themselves, and that can’t be done with contacts in. Having your lenses in during an eye exam can make it difficult for your eye doctor to determine the prescription you need.

For a routine eye exam, it’s best to remove your contact lenses at least two hours before your scheduled appointment. Your eyes will have plenty of time to adjust, so your eye doctor will be able to accurately examine them.

That said, make sure you bring your contacts with you to the exam. If you need to replace them, your doctor will be able to do so more efficiently if they have your current prescription. Plus, you can compare and contrast the fit of your old contacts with your new contacts, and help your doctor ensure your current contacts fit you correctly.

If you had a contact lens fitting and need to attend a follow-up appointment, you should absolutely wear your contacts. These follow-up eye exams are specifically to ensure that your contacts are comfortable and effective, so your eye doctor needs to see them in action.

Showing up at the appointment with your contacts in will also let your eye doctor see if you’re wearing them correctly. If you haven’t been – even if you don’t know it – your eye doctor will be able to tell you what you need to change to get the best possible use out of your contacts.

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