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Whether you’re new to glasses or you’ve been wearing them for years, you know that eyeglasses can be stylish as well as functional. At Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center’s optical boutique, we want you to find the perfect fit. Every day, we see patients who aren’t sure which frames will look best on them or wonder if they should consider contacts. With the help of our friendly team, each patient can find the ideal eyewear for their needs. Learn more about what our eye boutique has to offer.

Types of Eyewear at Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center

Types of Eyewear

Everyone has different needs when it comes to eyewear, we’re dedicated to offering a variety of options to choose from. Our boutique features plenty of frames and specialty lenses to meet your needs. Ask our team about these types of eyewear:

  • Traditional glasses
  • Designer frames
  • Specialty lenses
  • Transition lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Snap-on sunglasses

Sports eye protection

Have You Considered Contacts?

Perhaps glasses aren’t for you. In that case, stop by our vision optical boutique to discuss contacts. We’ll list the pros and cons of these lenses and help you make the best decision for your vision needs. Here are a few reasons why our patients opt for contacts over traditional glasses:

  • Contacts don’t block peripheral vision
  • Wearing non-prescription sunglasses is easier
  • You don’t need to worry about breaking them during exercise or sports
  • Contacts can address complex eye conditions
  • They won’t cover up your face
  • No tears while chopping onions!
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What to Know About Billing and Insurance

How do I pay for glasses or contacts? Many of our patients ask this question when they stop by our boutique eye care shop. Fortunately, the team at Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center is glad to work with you to make payment a breeze. If you’ll be paying out of pocket, we’ll send you a comprehensive invoice of all charges, including lenses, frames, and any specialty lens coatings. If you have insurance, we’ll walk you through the quick and easy process for making the most of your coverage. We want our medical eye care solutions to be accessible to all our patients. Be sure to speak to our team if you have any concerns or questions about payment.

Be Sure to Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Whether you need new glasses or not, don’t forget to schedule your annual eye exam. During these exams, your doctor will check for signs of any eye conditions and begin treatment before you start to have a problem. Plus, it’s always fun to check out what’s new at the eye care boutique! Beyond routine eye care, we also offer medical services for patients with glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and chronic dry eyes.

Optical Boutique in Windsor, CO
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Trusted for Top-Tier Eye Care

At Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center, we’re proud to be among the most trusted eye care professionals in the region. With years of experience under their belts, our doctors are well-equipped to diagnose eye conditions and help you find the optimal treatment. Whether you just need glasses or laser treatments that would serve you better, we’re here for you. When you visit our optical boutique or come in for a routine appointment, you can always count on compassionate care, attentive staff, and a friendly environment.

Visit Our Optical Boutique Today

Imperfect vision isn’t generally what anyone would call fun. However, picking out your favorite frames is quite a good time! If you’re due for new glasses, make an appointment with Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center and stop by our fully-stocked boutique. Our team members will help you choose the glasses best suited to your face shape and style. For patients who prefer contacts, we’ll offer plenty of information about this type of eye care. Schedule your appointment today and start getting excited about your new glasses!
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