Glaucoma Treatment

Answering Your Questions About Glaucoma

Finding out you have an eye disease can be scary. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with glaucoma or you’ve been dealing with the effects for years, Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center is here to help. While vision loss from glaucoma cannot be reversed, it can be slowed down. Our Windsor, CO team is dedicated to helping patients enjoy their vision for as long as possible. We’ll make sure you understand the prognosis for your condition and your options for treatment. Learn more about glaucoma and getting a diagnosis.

What Is Glaucoma?

While we often think of glaucoma as a singular condition, it’s actually a group of eye diseases that can result in nerve damage and eventual vision loss. Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle in the eye fails to work properly, and fluid builds up. The collection of fluid puts extra pressure on the eye, damaging the optic nerve with few apparent symptoms. There are several different types of glaucoma, but the following are the most common:

  • Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: The most common variety of glaucoma, this condition happens gradually and is generally painless. The majority of patients experience no changes in vision during the first stages.
  • Narrow-Angle Glaucoma: This type of glaucoma occurs when the iris is too close to the drainage angle. The iris can block drainage, causing eye pressure to rise rapidly. Immediate treatment is necessary for this condition.
  • Congenital Glaucoma: Sometimes, babies are born with faulty drainage canals in the eyes. In many of these cases, pediatric care practitioners will notice signs of glaucoma soon after birth.

Am I at Risk for Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Nearly anyone can develop glaucoma. However, there are several risk factors that increase your chances of being diagnosed with this condition. If any of these risk factors apply to you, it’s a good idea to be especially vigilant for signs of glaucoma:

  • Over 40 years of age
  • A family history of glaucoma
  • High eye pressure
  • Eye injuries
  • Thinning optic nerve
  • Diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Migraines
Top-Notch Glaucoma Treatment in Windsor, CO

Offering Top-Notch Glaucoma Treatment

Damage from glaucoma is permanent. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t prevent or slow down further damage. One of our eye doctors will sit down with you and discuss several options for treatment. Depending on the specifics of your condition, we may recommend the following approaches:

  • Eyedrops and medication
  • Laser treatment
  • Traditional glaucoma treatment (done in the operating room)

How Glaucoma Is Diagnosed​

Diagnosing glaucoma involves a comprehensive eye exam and a review of your medical history. At Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center, we use several glaucoma tests to look for potential issues. Our team may measure the intraocular pressure, test for optic nerve damage, and check for signs of vision loss.

Can You Prevent Glaucoma?

There is no sure-fire way to prevent glaucoma. The best thing you can do to look after your eye health is to schedule routine eye exams. During these comprehensive evaluations, your eye doctor will look for signs of glaucoma and try to catch the condition in its early stages. In general, glaucoma testing should occur every two to four years for patients under age 40 and every year for those older.

Why Windsor, CO Chooses Us

Over the years, Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center has become a staple of the Windsor community. We’re committed to bringing our patients a full suite of eye care services, including glaucoma treatment. We understand that a glaucoma diagnosis can be daunting, but our compassionate team will be with you every step of the way. Our doctors and staff strive to be part of your support network as you work through vision loss.

Reach Out to Our Team for an Appointment ​

If you suspect you have glaucoma, don’t wait. The team at Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center is here to offer prompt treatment for this harmful condition. If we catch glaucoma early enough, we can start to take measures to minimize vision loss and maximize your quality of life. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your appointment.

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